ow many times have we heard it said, "Oh, Lord, give me a sign!" Alas, too often the reply is vague and ambiguous: the phone rings at an opportune time, a feather falls from out of the blue, a water stain appears that resembles a religious image. We all want to know if God exists; maybe He just needs a reliable method to let us know He's here.

The Yo-God

gives God a way to send a simple, unambiguous message of His presence.

f we join together, perhaps God will hear our request and respond. Just take these simple steps:

Purchase and register a Yo-God God Detector.

Set out your God Detector anywhere in your home, church, or office.

Offer a simple request or prayer that God reveal Himself through the detector.

Check your God Detector daily or weekly for any indication of movement.

Report any movement of the detector at this web site.

e sure to come back to check out our reports of God Detector movement, which are sure to grow as the number of God Detectors increase — April, 2010, is Yo-God's 8-year anniversary, and currently there are over 4,500 God Detectors around the world! In any case, use our comments page to let us know your thoughts about the God Detector.

ou can also contact the artist, Dean Booth, directly at deanbooth@yo-god.com.